Highlights & Annual Report 2017-2018

Students Achieve Academic Excellence

Following the end of each trimester, middle schoolers gathered at academic assemblies to present highlights from their learning, after which 7/8 teachers handed out awards for subject matter excellence. As Head of Middle School Marti Champion shared, “These assemblies celebrates what it means to be a student who is engaged in learning.” Congratulations to these students for their recognition.

Sophia Bograd (8)
Millie Brophy (8)
Ainslee Garcia (7)
Robert Grawemeyer (7)
Julie Marwan(8)
Ellianna Montes (7)

Claire Arney (7)
Ella Cobb (7)
Addie Godfrey (7)
Talia Grynberg-Schepis (8)
Aidan Patterson (8)
Mia Sanchez (8)

Sophia Bograd (8)
Julia Cole (8)
Cate Corry (7)
Hanna Drake (8)
Coco Hunt (7)
Jaelyn Williams (7)

Lauren Frankmore (7)
Rob Jacoby (7)
DJ Judge (8)
Maria Romo-Nichols (8)
Mia Sanchez (8)
Mailin Thompson (7)

Piper Adams (7)
Kate Henry (8)
Phelan Mahoney (8)

Claire Arney (7)
Lucy Coughlon (7)
Hanna Drake (8)
Emma Hernandez (7)
Olivia Murane (8)
Aidan Patterson (8)

Foundations of Algebra
Lucy Cler (8)

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