Highlights & Annual Report 2017-2018

Reiman Family Supports Graland’s Mission

Scott Reiman went from being a stranger to Denver two decades ago to being one of the state's most notable citizens, thanks to an entrepreneurial spirit and successful career that have allowed him to generously support a number of causes.
Not the least of his beneficiaries is Graland, where the building that houses our library, theater and choir room bears the Reiman name.
A native of Wisconsin, Scott came to Colorado to attend the University of Denver and fell in love with the people, weather and culture. He also fell in love with his wife, Virginia. Today the couple has two growing sons and a deserved reputation as civic leaders on the Denver nonprofit world.

The Reimans at Graland
When their oldest was entering kindergarten, Scott and Virginia selected Graland based on the school’s outstanding reputation. Since then, the family has become one of our most generous donors because of Graland’s outstanding impact and the power of its mission.
“What I am inspired by most is Graland's mission to build thoughtful, engaged citizens,” Virginia shares. “Graland does an outstanding job at instilling this with ongoing events such as Penny Harvest and Special Olympics. As parents, it is imperative to actively commit and give back, be it with time, money or both, to the community in which we live and to the institutions we care deeply about. By doing so, we are setting an example for our children and future generations.”
Scott adds, “Fred Hamilton has preached that message to me for more than 15 years.” In fact, when Graland launched its capital campaign to fund the theater building in 2009, philanthropist and lifetime Graland trustee Fred Hamilton was the first and only person Scott called with a proposition that Mr. Hamilton couldn’t refuse.
“I said, ‘Let’s split the cost and they can put your name first on the building, since you’re older,’” Scott recalls with a laugh. The money was well spent, now that the Hamilton Reiman Building on the east side of campus is a learning hub for the library, Fries Family Theater, choir classroom and new Digital Media Studio.
Community Supporters
There are also many times the Reimans give anonymously to Graland and other local organizations. It’s not about the recognition they might receive; it’s a genuine desire to help and a sense of responsibility to lift others up. Areas of focus for Scott and the Reiman Foundation are education on all levels, children’s causes and the arts.
“Scott and I have been on boards together for a number of years,” reflects Mr. Hamilton. “He's a great friend, a good guy, a great father and he has been very supportive with us at the Denver Art Museum as well as Graland.”
Virginia’s passion is leading fundraising efforts for organizations the family supports, including Children’s Hospital and the Denver Art Museum.
Giving with Intention
With their youngest son still at Graland, the Reimans intend to keep supporting the school’s primary objective: to give students the best education possible.
“I went to public schools, and for my boys to have the opportunity to attend private school is a huge advantage in their education,” Scott says. “I believe they understand that this is something special that they can’t take for granted.”
Virginia agrees: “Perhaps my favorite thing about Graland's teaching philosophies is the extraordinary confidence building that is established early on through the curriculum, which is so apparent in the way you see the students conducting themselves. This stood out the very first time we toured the campus and observed students walking to class with proud heads and shoulders.”
As a member of Graland’s Board of Trustees and a committed donor, Scott believes in the power of learning and in changing lives through thoughtful giving. The son of an Iowa farm boy-turned-successful businessman, Scott Reiman is the founder and president of Colorado-based Hexagon, a private equity firm with offices in Denver and Milwaukee.
Virginia currently owns a women’s clothing boutique and previously co-owned a real estate development company. She supports a number of charities that give back to the community, including Habitat for Humanity, The Gathering Place and Dress For Success.
“It gives me great pleasure to make contributions to these deserving charities and organizations,” Virginia says. “It makes doing business successfully more fun when you give back!”

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